Babies and toddlers need interactive play for their minds to develop properly, and puppets encourage parent/child interaction. These wonderful age-old toys can also help your baby learn valuable skills such as:

Physical. Playing with puppets will help children in developing their fine motor skills and manipulation. Puppets also provide tactile and visual stimulation as well as the element of surprise that babies love so much.

Storytelling. Puppets can easily be used to add to a story by representing a character or doing the actions with the children in stories such as five cheeky monkeys.

Emotional. Puppets can be a great help with getting shy or quiet children to come out of their shells. Children who have trouble talking to an adult may find it easier to talk to a child.

Fun and Humour! Most importantly, puppets are fun! Children will quickly lose interest if their attention is not captured.

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Results 1 - 3 of 3